Problem Solved, Hurdle Cleared, Challenge Met.

It’s not hard to describe what Sandstrom offers: We develop and manufacture quality coatings for diverse industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, agriculture, commercial weapons and various other OEM applications.

But what really sets Sandstrom apart as a coatings manufacturer is how we go about offering what we offer.

No matter what challenge you face, we embrace it as our own, helping you brainstorm the right solution when everything’s on the line (as it usually is). Since everything we offer is functional, we understand how important it is for everything to function as it should.

It’s a problem-solving mindset you’ll find throughout our company—in the lab, on the manufacturing floor, with customer service. Whenever you call in, our experts can help you find the right product, start a brand new project or get you beyond whatever application challenges stand between you and success.

Even though we have extensive capabilities and a worldwide footprint, we’re small enough to react quickly. Come to us with your need and we’ll partner with you to find the best possible solution as quickly as possible.

Every problem solved. Every hurdle cleared. Every challenge met. 

Moly 9A Coating

9A: Designed in tandem with the Rock Island Arsenal during the early 1960s, 9A was originally developed for use in weapons support. However, its exceptional wear life, corrosion protection, and chemical & fluid resistance properties have earned it widespread use in the industrial market as well. 9A should be used only on substrates that can withstand the necessary high baking temperatures.

9A is listed on PRI’s aerospace QPL for SAE AS5272 Type II, Formerly MIL-L-46010 Type II.

Moly 099 Coating

#099: When stringent environmental regulations or substrate temperature limitations preclude the use of other Sandstrom dry film lubes, use #099 as a lead-free, low-VOC waterborne, low curing temperature lubricant option. Offering wear life, corrosion protection, and chemical & fluid resistance properties comparable to those of 9A and LC-300, #099 is known to be applied even to components of advanced multi-role fighter aircraft designed for all-weather climates.

#099 is listed on PRI’s aerospace QPL for SAE AS5272 Type III, Formerly MIL-L-46010 Type III.

#099 is listed on the United States’ Dept. of Defense QPL for MIL-PRF-46010 Color 1, NATO Code S-1738.

Moly  LC-300  Coating

LC-300: The advanced resin system in Sandstrom’s LC-300 is proven to offer superior corrosion protection, longer endurance life and a broader operating temperature range over comparable competitor products, which is likely why it was chosen for application on the landing gear of the space shuttle fleet. LC-300 should be used when the substrate cannot withstand the baking temperatures of 9A.


LC-300 is listed on PRI’s aerospace QPL for SAE AS5272 Type I, Formerly MIL-L-46010 Type I, Formerly MIL-L-8937.

Moly HI-T 650 Coating

HI-T 650: Providing a broader operating temperature range than our other stock dry film lubricants, Hi-T 650 can withstand temps up to 750°F and intermittently to 1200°F. Hi-T 650 offers curing versatility – it can be either air dried or heat cured at numerous time/temp combinations; however, heat curing at the time/temp listed above offers maximum cure for highest performance to reduce galling and wear.